Falling Back
The Gathering
Discarded in Battle
Land of the Dead
Mashup 1
Farm house on the hill
Bad Bunny
Into Hell
Brown D Day
The Arrival
Neo Tokyo Zombie
Dark Side
Saber 1
Red panda
Avatar Knives
Caspian castle
Avatar gatlin gun
Halo suits
Avatar Sampson
d9 gun 1
Avatar rebreather
D9 gun 2
Dead Sheep
Unleashed entry
Unleashed fissure
Mine Photo
Julietta Photo
Tribal Drop
Silverback Stare Photo
Hawaiian Flower Photo
Sloth Chill photo
Man o War Photo
Saber box

Dividing my time

Deadlands is really coming along.  The rides have all been developed as well as most of the restaurants, menus and all of the shows.  Next job is to create a 3d map of the park for reference and navigation.  Then the fun begins.



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