The Infiltrator
Falling Back
The Gathering
Discarded in Battle
Land of the Dead
Mashup 1
Farm house on the hill
Bad Bunny
Into Hell
Brown D Day
The Arrival
Neo Tokyo Zombie
Dark Side
Saber 1
Red panda
Avatar Knives
Caspian castle
Avatar gatlin gun
Halo suits
Avatar Sampson
d9 gun 1
Avatar rebreather
D9 gun 2
Dead Sheep
Unleashed entry
Unleashed fissure
Mine Photo
Julietta Photo
Tribal Drop
Silverback Stare Photo
Hawaiian Flower Photo
Sloth Chill photo
Man o War Photo
Saber box

Physical Effects

Fear Engineer, Prop Maker

Striking fear and adoration into the hearts of entertainment lovers for over 20 years; Darren has worked in film, tv, live performance and Location Based Entertainment.


Project Supervisor

Supervising and Managing Film, LBE and Collectibles Projects for over 7 years. Handling small to multi-million dollar projects that spanned from 3 months to 2 years of development.

Digital Effects

Fear Engineer, Prop Maker

Digital Effects including Technical Directing, Match Move, Colour Grading, Layout, Lighting, Asset and Animation.