The Infiltrator
Falling Back
The Gathering
Discarded in Battle
Land of the Dead
Mashup 1
Farm house on the hill
Bad Bunny
Into Hell
Brown D Day
The Arrival
Neo Tokyo Zombie
Dark Side
Saber 1
Red panda
Avatar Knives
Caspian castle
Avatar gatlin gun
Halo suits
Avatar Sampson
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Avatar rebreather
D9 gun 2
Dead Sheep
Unleashed entry
Unleashed fissure
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Julietta Photo
Tribal Drop
Silverback Stare Photo
Hawaiian Flower Photo
Sloth Chill photo
Man o War Photo
Saber box


Dreams &

That thing you did.. it was cool.. keep doing stuff like that.

Random Art Director


Themed Entertainment

From concept design to installation.

I have experience in design to spec as well as free form development.    Need it for a key space, just ask.  Need advice on installation? Yep, got yah covered there too,.


What is Fear Engineering you ask?

Fear Engineering is using physical, architectural and psychological trickery to induce unease and dread in the hearts and minds of our patrons and clients. Creating a haunt, scare or practical effect that horrifies, disturbs or scares the intended victim or patron. 


From key makeups to background.

As a trained makeup and special effects engineer, your needs can be met and surpassed with my 20+ years of knowledge in the film, tv, runway and theme park experience.  From prosthetics and mould making to guerrilla film fx.

Why me?

He made a thing for us. It was pretty cool so.. yeah we paid him.

Under Appreciated Director

How does he make such wonderful toys..?


Local Works

About DAM

Who do you think you are?

I am a special effects engineer working in the industry for over 20 years…

Want to know more about me…? Well, you are the curious one…

I graduated many moons ago from the Joe Blasco school of makeup and special effects and have worked in film, tv, runway and photography, live theatre, theme parks.. pretty much if you can name the medium I have done the time.  

Master of none practitioner of many; I strive to find new and interesting challenges and overcome them on budget and on time.  Never afraid to try something new and love R&D when the time and budget allows.  Curious if it will work or uncertain how to make your project sing on a shoestring budget?  Are you assuming you cannot afford a pro?  Give me a shout and lets talk it through.  You never know.

I also take a  lot of photographs for fun, click here to check them out.


Obligatory client list

Where did we find this guy?

Actual Witer & Producer

If you are a client and not on this list it is because I have signed a NDA saying I cannot do so.  If you are NOT a client and not on this list, it is because you haven’t hired me yet so… what are you waiting for?

Yes, I am still waiting.

Darren A Mosher
Your Host