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Career Goals:
Preferred Environment
Key Skills
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Career Goals:
My current career path is diverse in nature, however, I am looking for a role where I can help a team build great products and foster both client engagements/relationships and build team knowledge and confidence.
Preferred Environment
I am able to work in large firms as well as smaller, boutique settings. I have managed teams from 2-20 individuals plus contractors. and vendors.  I am as comfortable talk with and Facilitating Training and Sprint Sessions as I am working with and "pitching" to board members and stakeholders and demoing new R&D interests.
Key Skills
  • Risk Management
  • R&D Software/Hardware
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Graphic/Web Design
  • Business Analysis/Case Development
  • Product Management
  • Mediation Consulting
  • RFP development and Advisory
  • App and Web Development
  • Physical and Virtual Training
  • Learning & Development
  • UX/UI Development
  • Interaction/Game Content
  • Product Management
  • Customer Value Monetization
  • Team Management and Development
  • Employee Hiring and Contract Negotiation
  • Gamification Advisory
  • Technical R&D and Translation
  • Media Release and Engagements
  • Change Release Management
  • Communications (Internal/External)
  • Social Media Advisory
  • SEO Advisory 
  • PM/WIP Services
  • Product "Education" and "1 Sheet" Development
Education & Training
  • Goucher College (University-US) BA 1999 Communications/Computer and Interactive Engineering
  • Adobe Master Development Training 2004
  • Macromedia Level 1- 4 Essentials 2004-2006
  • AGILE Systems and Usage Course 2016
Personal Details
I am currently residing in Wellington, New Zealand as an NZ citizen, though I have immigrated from the US over 10 years ago.  While my chosen path has taken me into the IT and business world I maintain a side hobby of special and visual effects (see my 2nd life here).   A few things I enjoy outside of work:

Gym: I do spend a lot of time there, weight training and prepping for possible marathons in the future (or a zombie uprising, whichever comes first).

Movies:  In my house we love movies and we go often and have started reviewing them for fun, because... why not?

Beer:  OK, I know alcohol is not something you usually would not put on a CV but in this case...  good, quality, craft beer is an art form unto itself and the joy of slowly tasting and finding the complexity in a new brew is simple pleasure I relish.

Web Dev:  Yes this is also my hobby (sad I know).  I really enjoy building sites for fun and for others who may not have the technical knowledge to do so themselves.  I have actually built sites for businesses I frequent and handed it over to them just to make the experience better for me next time I visit their page.

Video Games:  Before you say anything, no... it is not just for kids.  Science has proven that regular video game participation can stave off many neurological and physical conditions as we get older and I am happy to exploit this data as an excuse to play whenever I can.


Contact Details
The fastest way to contact me is via email here:


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For a copy of my CV/Resume please enquire above.

Product Managment
IT and Technical Advisory
Staff Management
Support Systems/Customer Advisory
Risk Management & Assessment

Time above in subject experience years, not accumulative.

Technical Details
Operating Systems & Platforms
Programming Languages
Business Titles
Creative Titles
Technical Details
The following tabs will showcase my technical title knowledge as needed.  Please feel free to enquire about these or any other titles that may be required as this represents a general overview of my experience and may not include titles I have been introduced to previously.
Operating Systems & Platforms
  • Windows (NT - 10)
  • IOS
  • OSX
  • Android
  • Unity
  • AWS
Programming Languages
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • XML
  • JavaScript
  • c#, c++
  • ActionScript (FLASH)
  • SQL
  • MEL
  • DB (Database Integration) Cold Fusion
Business Titles
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Google Suite
  • Moodle
  • MYOB
  • Xero
  • Slack
Creative Titles
  • Adobe Creative and web Suites
  • Adobe Captivate
  • Maya 3D
  • Silhouette
  • Unity Engine
  • ZBrush
  • Vue Suite
  • Pinnacle
  • BB Edit
  • Final Cut Pro Suite
  • AVID
  • Reason
  • Git
  • Connect/Hotkey/TestFlight

Historical Experience and Details  (additional contract work experience available on request)

Technical Director - Inspire Group

Nov 2014 – Dec 2016

About Inspire
Role Highlights
Experience Details
Referee Contact
About Inspire
Inspire Group develops custom learning solutions to help transform organisations and improve employee engagement. Their bespoke learning solutions incle-learning, online and blended learning solutions, leadership training and more.


Role Highlights
  • Heading up the Product Division and SAAS Partner Programs
  • Managing Support Team/Services Division
  • Developing/Managing Lifecycle App Development
  • Managing the product line vendor and stakeholder relationships
  • Provide Technical and RFP Advisory
  • Working with Internal Stakeholders to develop "in-house" tools for better workflows (including Comms. and Training to follow releases)
Experience Details
Working with Inspire Group, my role consisted of working across the business in both a hands on and advisory capacity. Responsibilities included:
  • Working with interested parties to find suitable support team members prior to hiring (including assisting with interview and evaluation)
  • Assisting with prioritisation and escalation of all support enquiries
  • Research and Development of future tech both internal and external (including client enquiries)
  • Heading up Product Division
    • working with vendors and developers
    • organising meetings and sprint sessions (see AGILE)
    • determining Product Lifecycle
    • provide stakeholder advisory and RFP development
    • writing Product Instructions, Media and Support Release
  • Risk Assessment and Management
  • Developing SAAS relationship and assisting with contract development
  • Change Release Management for Internal Products
  • Communications regarding Usage and Policies for updated releases
Referee Contact
Dan Tohill - CEO Email: DTohill@inspiregroup.co.nz Phone+64 4 471 4647 Address: PO Box 25282 Level 4 Inspire House 125 Featherston Street Wellington 6146

Senior Consultant - KPMG NZ

May 2010 – September 2014

Role Highlights
Experience Details
Referee Contact
KPMG NZ is the New Zealand entity of the worldwide KPMG brand. They work in the financial industry (as 1 of the Big 4) and cover the fields of Audit, Tax, Advisory and Enterprise.


Role Highlights
  • Assisting L&D Manager to maintaining standards and compliance
  • Working with stakeholders to maximise training efficiency
  • R&D and Management of software to enhance the learning for stakeholders
  • Working with research teams to develop or purchase new technologies and solutions
  • Intranet and web-presence development for nationwide system
  • Develop and maintain management system for pre-LMS development
  • Development of LMS system, vendor relations and LMS rollout across national (NZ) 
Experience Details
Working with KPMG NZ, my role consisted of working across the HR/L&D Division as both a technical lead and support role as well as an Advisory Capacity for LMS Integration and Development: Responsibilities included:
  • Working with national stakeholders to assess training and technical needs nationwide
  • Assisting with prioritisation and escalation of all training systems
  • Research and Development of future tech both internal and external
  • Heading up LMS Development
    • working with vendors and developers
    • organising vendor sprint sessions (see AGILE)
    • Minimising cost by moving and monitoring asset development in house
    • Provide stakeholder advisory and solution development
    • writing Product Instructions, Media and Support Release
  • Developing graphical and media elements as required
Referee Contact
Johanne Barton: Director - BartonRoss Ltd. (previous Director - KPMGNZ) Email: johan@bartonrossresults.com Phone: +64 21 57532 Wellington

Registration Authority - LINZ

March 2008 – June 2010

About LINZ
Role Highlights
Experience Details
Referee Contact
About LINZ
LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) is responsible for managing land titles, geodetic and cadastral survey systems, topographic information, hydrographic information, managing Crown property and supporting government decision making around foreign ownership.


Role Highlights
  • Managing and training staff on Registration Authority procedures
  • Training Staff and Customer on LandOnLine Program and usage
  • Assisting customers with technical issues regarding certificates/e-searches, e-dealings, etc.
  • Developing Technical documents, and training materials
  • Creating Physical and Digital Security Protocols for RA Systems
  • Working with stakeholders with major technical/system issues via shadow and GTA tool
Experience Details
Working with LINZ, my role consisted of 2 specific branches, Direct Customer Support and Escalation and Secure Registration Authority duties. Responsibilities included:
  • Working with manager to assess training and technical needs 
  • Assisting with streamlining of software and manual training systems
  • Assisting high-end clients with release and authorization of security tokens
  • Internal Training Development
  • Assisting Support Environments to help maintain consistent numbers and flow
Referee Contact
Johanne Barton: Director - BartonRoss Ltd. (previous Director - KPMGNZ) Email: johan@bartonrossresults.com Phone: +64 21 57532 Wellington

It Instructor/Support - Medix School

June 2005 – February 2008

About Medix School
Role Highlights
Experience Details
Referee Contact
About Medix School
The Medix School is a private, allied health school devoted to the training of personnel for the Medical/Pre-medical and Dental professions.


Role Highlights
  • Instructing and tutoring of Microsoft Suite, Medical Specific Software and Windows environments
  • Creating Lesson Plan and Class Development Packages and Training Tools
  • Researching new technologies, managing titles and instructional materials to engage students
  • Corporate/Division Intranet support and design and web presence
  • Managing location-wide IT solutions, software and hardware support
Experience Details
Working at Medix, my title consisted of a variety of applications and system roles: Responsibilities included:
  • Working with Office manager to assess IT, Website and various Technical needs 
  • Assisting vendors with and taking ownership of both Intranet and Web presence 
  • Developing learning plans for IT classroom training (ranging in ages 17-65) 
  • Teaching and mentoring incoming and ongoing student body in It and industry related software
  • Substituting for medical/anatomy teacher classes
  • Internal Training Development and Advisory
  • Assisting student representatives to increase retainment
Referee Contact
No referees available following school changeover/closure.

Senior Communication Specialist - CRS

February 2000 – March 2005

About CRS
Role Highlights
Experience Details
Referee Contact
About CRS
CRS (Catholic Relief Services) responds to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, and nurturing peaceful and just societies as part of their company and faith doctrine.


Role Highlights
  • Multi-media R&D and approval for tech teams
  • Liaison between Media and Web Teams
  • Redesign of CRS Kids website, including project, game & dev
  • Training incoming staff on regulations and standards
  • Managing 3rd party vendors (outsourced development)
  • Usability/PEN Testing and Development
  • Establishing CMS database and training modules
  • Maintaining project development timelines and budgets
  • Provide technical and RFP advisory
Experience Details
Working for CRS, my consisted of both business and creative applications. Responsibilities included:
  • Working with Web Manager to assess stakeholder and external website needs 
  • Assisting vendors with and taking ownership of both Intranet and Web modules and games 
  • Developing games for "kids" section of web presence 
  • Complete overhaul of "kids" site from concept design to roll out and media awareness campaign
  • Working with Art Department to build and implement strategy assets 
  • Assist Web Manager with development of strategies and RFP's for internal clients and divisions
Referee Contact
No referees available (historical provided if requested)